Dental X-ray in Kathmandu

What is dental x-ray?

Imaging the internal arrangement of teeth and other oral parts including maxillofacial bones done for the better analytical study of client’s oral health is called dental X-ray. Radiovisiography (RVG) is the digital method of taking x-ray which is more detailed and it shows the on-time imaging of dental parts which makes the study of oral problems way more better and quicker then the classical method of taking x-ray.

How is dental x-ray done in our clinic?

At Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic, Kathmandu, Nepal, we first examine the area with oral problems. Then we place the RVG sensor inside the mouth adjacent to the area with the oral problem. Then the x-ray machine’s tube head is placed exactly outside the face where the RVG sensor is placed inside.The x-ray taken is displayed on the monitor. It is more efficient than the classical method of taking x-ray as multiple x-rays can be taken digitally using RVG sensors quicker than by using x-ray films.

When should you do it?
Before getting any oral surgeries, root canal treatment (RCT), tooth extraction and other complex oral examinations, X-ray had to be done to study the case of oral problem in minute details.

Benefits of doing it:
1) Your oral problems can be studied in detail and its proper treatment can be performed.
2) You don’t need to do further unnecessary tests after recognition of the problem.

Things to be careful at:
If you feel any discomfort or have any phobias regarding x-rays you should discuss it clearly with our doctors.
You should not take multiple x-rays in short period of time especially if you are a pregnant woman, young child or have any allergies to x-ray beam. So, you should always be careful to take a quality x-ray on a trusted dental care clinic like us.

Services and pricing:
Given below are the list of basic price ranges of services that are provided under dental x-ray. The price ranges of the services may vary with the number of repetitions, used medications in the process, equipments and for emergency check-ups.

1)  RVG x-ray – Rs. 300


Best dental x-ray in Kathmandu, Nepal

Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic, Kathmandu, Nepal is the most trustable and quality service provider in terms of dental x-ray inside Kathmandu valley. We have advance x-ray machine that only throws suitable amount of x-ray beams which does not harm you much. Also, our x-rays are very detailed and hence it becomes easier to study your oral problems in detail. We provide this service at the best affordable rate possible. Hence, do visit us for the best dental x-ray inside Kathmandu valley.