How much does RCT cost in Nepal?

The cost of Root canal treatment (RCT) in Nepal can be depended on the location and the type of dental clinic where the procedure is performed. However, the average cost of RCT in Nepal range from around NPR 9,000 to NPR 16000. This cost typically involves the cost of the procedure as well as any necessary follow up and additional treatments.
On average, a RCT for front tooth with only one root will cost around NPR 10,000. It takes time to complete the procedure with two roots, which may raise cost of the procedure. Typically, premolars are used to treat RCT patients around NPR 12000. Moreover, a molars tooth will cost around NPR 13,000 to NPR 16,000 which includes 1st molar cost NPR 13,000, 2nd molar cost of NPR 14,000 and 3rd molar cost of NPR 16,000 respectively. Additionally, a pulpectomy ( child teeth RCT) will cost around NPR 6000.
In general, the cost of a RCT can be higher to lower depending on the type of tooth being treated, the complexity of the tooth, the materials and medication used.

Root canal treatment ( RCT) procedure

The RCT procedure involves the following steps;
Anesthesia; First, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth to be treated with a local anesthesia. Your dentist may suggest sedation if you struggle with dental anxiety.

Dam placement: Before beginning RCT, a small rubber dam is placed over the area. This helps to isolate the tooth and keeps it dry during the procedure.

Access: The dentist will make an opening in the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals.

Remove damaged pulp: Using small dental instruments, the dentist will remove the damaged pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals. Then the canals will be cleaned, disinfected and shaped.

Filling canals: Once the canals are clean and dry, then the dentist will fill canals with a rubber material called gutta-percha. This help to seals the canals and prevents bacteria.

Sealing tooth: Next, the tooth will be sealed with a temporary dental filling and also prevent bacteria from re-entering.

Restoration: When your crown is ready, the temporary filling is removed and the permanent filling or crown will be placed on the tooth. This help to protect and restore its function.
After the procedure, the tooth may be hurt for a few days and the dentist will give you some instructions on how to care for the tooth while it hurts.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Most of people are afraid they will have tooth pain after root canal therapy. However, it is normal to experience some pain or discomfort especially while chewing for several days after root canal therapy. But if you experience extreme pain after a root canal, call your dentist immediately.

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