Online Check-up and Counselling

You might be well known of the trend of online check ups and counselling that many hospitals around the world are providing as their basic services to patients who cannot attend the follow ups and check-ups at hospital due to various reasons, busy schedule being the one. Considering how easy and quick it makes the whole treatment process, we too have introduced online check ups and counselling inside Kathmandu, Nepal, for the needy ones.

Online Oral Check-up and counselling:

It is completely free for everyone and anyone inside Nepal can call us to get the counselling and check ups online. You just need to call us online through social medias like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. on our social media handles. The link to our social media handles are provided at the top most bar. Also, you need to consider the fact that, online counselling are for the temporary remedies and to control your oral problem immediately for a short period. For the permanent solutions to your oral problems, you should visit Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic inside Kathmandu, Nepal.