Oral Health Scenario Of Nepal

It is known that a healthy mouth is a key for an individual to eat, speak and socialize without experiencing any stigma, embarrassment, discomfort, or awkwardness. According to the World Health Organization, oral health has been defined as “a state of being free of mouth and facial pain, oral infections and sores, and oral and other diseases that limit an individual’s capacity in biting, chewing, smiling, speaking, and psychosocial well-being.”

Extreme Teeth Pain

Swelling of gums and bleeding
Bad Breath and Odor from Mouth
We do not have a habit of regular dental visits. We do not give oral problems top priority. Generally, we go by the first and last solution of tooth extraction. In our practice, we have found an extreme case where a 41 yrs old patient was determined to pull all his teeth rather than go through lengthy treatment to save them.

Due to our lack of education and knowledge towards oral hygiene, we are suffering from simple problems that have a simple and cost-effective solution. Tooth Decay, Tooth Caries, Tooth Pain, and Bad odor are some of the common problems we as a Nepalese society generally face. This negligence is even serious in children, as Parents are not aware of children dental issues they face various problems like:

Tooth Decay (Cavities)
Tooth Sensitivity
Dental Emergencies
Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease
Orthodontic Problems
Excessive Thumb Sucking
Dental Anxiety and Phobias
These above-mentioned problems arise due to a lack of proper dental knowledge in Nepal. Regular dental visits and counseling alone can reduce most of the above-mentioned dental problems.

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