Pedodontic Treatment in Kathmandu

What is Pedodontic Treatment?

Pedodontic treatment is the process of examining and solving dental problems that occur in children from their birth to adolescence. It includes teething disorders, follow up, treatment of dental caries, treatment of dental trauma problems and preventive dental treatments.

How is pedodontic treatment done in our clinic?

We first examine our child patient and enquiry about their daily oral hygiene habits with their parents. We then suggest them to take any necessary tests if the solution to the problem requires it. If any tests are taken, we provide counselling to the parents and their child as per the obtained results form the tests and further medications like surgery, medicines, etc. are suggested to the client if needed.

When should it be done?
Children are very insensitive towards their health and should be constantly taken care of. If your child do not provide proper attention to his/her oral hygiene, their deciduous teeth also called as baby teeth or first teeth can get damaged. It is necessary to take care of these teeth for their natural function until they fall off themselves to let other permanent teeth to grow. Due to unhygienic eating habits of children, they can develop cavities, break their teeth due to external injuries or accidents, develop infections and other dental problems. You should immediately visit us if such situations occur and also because your child may not tell you about their minor dental problems at their early stages. So, it is better for your child that you take him/her for dental visit in the interval of every six months.

Benefits of doing it:
1) Dental problems of your children get treated and prevented at their early stages.
2) Your child learns to take care of his/her oral hygiene after our professional doctors provide counselling to them.
3) Fear of dental check-ups and treatment, in your child gets minimised and he/she start to interact about their oral problems with their parents in a better way.

Things to be careful at:
Do not let your children take the prescribed medicines by themselves when they are alone. It should always be taken under your guidance.
After the visit to the clinic and treatment, you should make your child follow every necessary steps of oral hygiene that you have been consulted by the doctor.

Services and pricing:
Given below are the list of basic price ranges of services that are provided under pedodontic treatment. The price ranges of the services may vary with the number of repetitions, used medications in the process, equipments and for emergency check-ups.

Tooth Extraction:
1) Pediatric extraction – Rs. 300

Tooth restoration and filling:
1) GIC restoration – Rs. 800
2) Composite restoration – Rs. 1,000 – 1,500

Root canal treatment (RCT):
1) Pulpectomy (pediatric RCT) – Rs. 2,500

Pedodontic Treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal

In our country Nepal, children’s health is always a matter of concern for their parents but still they do not provide proper attention on oral health of their own children. They rather prefer to solve every oral problems of their child through some home remedies than to visit dental clinics. Which is not a bad thing to do but many oral problems cannot be treated by home remedies and it needs a treatment from the hands of professionals like us. More the problem is left untreated, more it harms the oral health of your child.
Some parents are so stubborn at taking their child to the dental clinic that they do not take them for oral check-up until the situation of their child’s oral health becomes critical. This is a very bad practice to follow. It should be corrected and every children should get the chance of visiting clinic and solving their oral problems at least once in every six months. This practice develops a healthy habit of taking care of oral health in your child and prevents any oral problems that could have occurred otherwise. Hence, it is requested to every citizens inside or near Kathmandu valley to take your child to visit us, Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic as we provide best pedodontic services inside whole Kathmandu valley.

Paediatric Dentistry Treatment Triangle

A child’s oral treatment and their oral health can be in best condition only if he/she gets proper care from their parents and necessary counselling from the dentist. For this there should be proper co-ordination and communication simultaneously between dentist, children and their parents. Both parents and their child should get good counselling on taking proper care of the child’s oral health from professional dentist. At home, parents should take necessary steps and precautions for better oral hygiene of their child. In this way, due to dentist-parents, parents-child and child-dentist coordination, a child can have a healthy mouth and a confident smile.This is what a pediatric dentistry treatment triangle represents. You can get more details and information on this, if you visit our Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic or have a quick conversation online through online counselling and check-up services.