Root Canal Treatment in Kathmandu

What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

As the name suggests, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the process of cleaning root of tooth by removing damaged root nerves (dental pulp) and filling it with gutta-percha and composite materials so as to stop the decay of the tooth that had advanced to the deep root nerves and preventing from the infection that can be caused by it.

How Root Canal Treatment is done at our clinic?

At Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic, Kathmandu, we first examine the decayed tooth, take its x-ray for the detailed analysis of damage and for the study of the conditions of root nerves. After all these tests and counselling and the consent of the patient we start the process of RCT. We give local anesthesia to the patient and by the help of rotary machine, we clear the damaged portion with cavity and clear the root canal with the help of files and irrigate them between the process. After this, we fill the empty root canals with  gutta-percha and composite materials and for the upper portion of the tooth we either use crowns or composite fillings of different materials. Sometimes, we need to implant pins on the surface of root canal walls to hold the crown if the cavity is larger than normal.

When should you do it?

We often do not give proper attention to our oral hygiene and the small cavities on our tooth that we initially ignore becomes so huge that it starts to infect the gums and damage root nerves of the tooth. At initial stages, it causes pain but later when the cavity becomes huge it does not cause any pain as the nerve gets totally damaged. After this, it becomes more dangerous for your oral health if it is not treated on time as it causes internal infections even though you feel zero pain and can even lead to oral cancer.

So, if you have any huge cavities on the teeth or if your gums have small fistula (small sack of skin filled with pus) which occurs due to infection caused by cavities, then you should do RCT of your tooth. Also, if your tooth gets broken or damaged down to roots due to accidents and external injuries, you should get RCT of your tooth to protect it from further damage and infections.

Benefits of doing it:
1) Your original tooth gets repaired and its life is preserved.
2) Eliminates the painful sensations.
3) Infections that might have spread to other teeth are prevented.
4) Your tooth becomes fully functional.
5) Your confident smile and beauty is restored.

Things to be careful at:
1) Root canal treatment can take multiple appointments to complete. After each appointment, due to use of local anesthesia, your lips, teeth, tongue may feel numb for several hours. Avoid chewing food from that side until it feels normal.
2) If RCT is done in several appointments, a temporary filling or a temporary crown is placed to protect your teeth from infection. Contact us, if your crown or filling falls completely off your tooth. There is no need to panic, if only a small portion of temporary filling gets broken. Just be careful that more fillings do not get broken down until the whole process of RCT is finished.
3) Avoid biting hard foods and chewing sticky foods like chewing gum, chocolate, etc. from the side of the mouth where RCT is performed for few weeks until it gets normal.
4) It is normal to experience some discomfort for several days after RCT is done. Continue with your prescribed antibiotics and painkiller medicines and the discomfort will be gone sooner.

Services and pricing:
Given below are the list of basic price ranges of services that are provided under Root Canal Treatment (RCT) . The price ranges of the services may vary with the number of repetitions, used medications in the process, equipments and for emergency check-ups.

 Root Canal Treatment (RCT):
1) Anterior – Rs. 3,500
2) Premolars – Rs. 4,000
3) Molars – Rs. 5,000
4) Pulpectomy (pediatric RCT) – Rs. 2,500

Tooth Extraction:
1) Simple extraction – Rs. 1,200
2) Complicated extraction – Rs. 3,000
3) Surgical extraction – Rs.6,000 to Rs. 12,000, depending upon the types of medications used.
4) Pediatric extraction – Rs. 300

Tooth filling:
1) GIC filling – Rs. 800
2) Composite filling – Rs. 1,000

1) Metal – Rs. 4,000
2) Metal ceramic –Rs. 6,000
3) E-max – Rs. 15,000
4) Zirconia – Rs. 20,000

Veneers (per unit):
1) Direct composite – Rs. 5,000
2) Indirect composite –Rs. 7,000
3) Porcelain veneers – Rs. 20,000

Root Canal Centre near me

We, Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic are the best Root Canal Treatment centre inside whole Kathmandu valley. We not only provide the best quality root canal treatment but it also cost relatively low for you than in other clinics. We have team of well experienced professional doctors and staffs who are excellent at handling every advance equipments that we have and carry out complex surgeries. They have been dedicating their life for 5+ years to provide the best service for every patients that we come across our clinic. Thus the process of RCT in our clinic is so smooth that every patients go through zero or minimum pain possible and get the best ever finishing in RCT. For further details, you can contact us at the provided contact numbers or leave a message or call on online portals like Facebook, Instagram, etc. provided in our website.