Tooth restoration in Kathmandu

What is tooth restoration / filling?

Problems like tooth decay and missing teeth can create problems in natural function of teeth, which is to chew food properly and maintain your beauty. Tooth restoration and filling helps to get rid of these problems. In this process we completely remove totally damaged tooth and replace it with a synthetic one or partially remove the damaged parts of tooth and fill it with composite materials.

How is tooth restoration and filling is done in our clinic?

We first examine the condition of the damaged tooth. If it is totally damaged, we extract it and replace it with a synthetic one of precise measurement and colour as your other teeth. If the damaged area is small or if the tooth have mild cavities, we remove the damaged portions with our special equipments and fill it with either of the composite materials like porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, glass ionomer or coloured composite resin fillings.

When should you do it?
Your teeth can get damaged in any area from roots to top or cavities may occur from mild to severe due to unhealthy eating habits and carelessness in your oral hygiene. If they become worst, they can cause difficulties in eating, painful tooth sensations while eating too hot and cold foods and drinks, infection in gums and can even lead to oral cancer. That is why it is important for you to have tooth restoration and filling in the right time, if your tooth is damaged or has cavities.

Benefits of doing it:
1) Expansion of cavities to roots is prevented.
2) Possible gum infection and oral cancer is prevented.
3) Painful sensation in your teeth and difficulties in eating is eradicated.
4) Your teeth looks more beautiful and so is your smile.

Things to be careful at :
1) You should not brush too hard in the restored or filled areas of your tooth for few days until it becomes properly fixed.
2) You should change your eating habits and follow basic oral hygiene so as to maintain you fillings at good condition.
3) You should not drink too hot or too cold food and drinks for few days after the restoration or filling.
4) Only take prescribed medicines if recommended from the dentist.

Services and pricing:

Given below are the list of basic price ranges of services that are provided under tooth restoration and filling. The price ranges of the services may vary with the number of repetitions, used medications in the process, equipments and for emergency check-ups.
1) Simple extraction : Rs. 1200
2) Complicated extraction : Rs. 3000
3) Surgical extraction : Rs. 6000 – Rs. 12000 ( based on medications used )
4) Paediatric extraction : Rs. 300

Tooth restoration/filling:
1) GIC ( Glass Ionomer Cement )/ composite restoration : Rs. 1,000 – 1,500

Best Tooth Filling Dental Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal

Being the best tooth filling dental clinic inside Kathmandu valley, Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic has varieties of options on composite materials available for tooth restoration and filling. Also with the genuine guidance and effort from our professional dentists and highly efficient modern equipments used, you will get the best tooth restoration and filling experience.