Ultrasonic scaling in Kathmandu

What is Ultrasonic Scaling and polishing?

Ultrasonic scaling is the process of removing hardened tooth plaque and tartar along with some portions of food that remains stuck in the teeth gaps. If not removed, these things cause infection, inflammation and even oral cancer in the gums.
Polishing is the process that is often carried out along with scaling. In this process surfaces of teeth are smoothed out using polishing paste and colour of the teeth is restored to its natural form.
Ultrasonic scaling and polishing are way more better than classical method of scaling, scrapping and polishing in which everything is done manually through hands.

How is ultrasonic scaling and polishing done at our clinic?

Being the best dental clinic inside Kathmandu, at Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic, we use clean and sterilized equipments for scaling and polishing. We use high frequency vibrating water jet scaler, scrapper and polisher to achieve the best result. We do it so professionally that our clients feel lesser or no pain and get best finishing with smoothness that is unachievable at other clinics.

When should you do it?
If you have infection or inflammation in your gums, your teeth are decaying or developing cavities due to hardened plaque, tartar or remains of food stuck between your gums, then you should immediately consult us for scaling and polishing. As plaque and tartar develop slowly with time, so even if you do not have any problems like mentioned above, still you should do scaling and polishing of your teeth once in a year for preventing your tooth from developing infection and tooth decay in future.

Benefits of doing it:
1) Hardened plaque, tartar and other gum infection and inflammation causing agents are removed.
2) Breathe becomes odourless.
3) Teeth gets whitened to its natural colour and smoothed out.

Things to be careful at:
You should not drink or consume too hot or too cold foods for few days until painful sensation in your teeth disappears.
If you are a beginner, your teeth might look as if it has become weak and would fall off. You should not worry much about these things as your teeth gets their strong hold of your gums in few days. During these time you should not take random medicines without consulting a dental care professionals like us.

Services and Pricing:
Given below are the list of basic price ranges of services that are provided under ultrasonic scaling and polishing. The price ranges of the services may vary with the number of repetitions, used medications in the process, equipments and for emergency check-ups.
1) Minor deposit scaling ( grade I ) : Rs. 1000
2) Major deposit scaling ( grade II ) : Rs. 1500
3) Supra and subgingival scaling ( grade III ) : Rs. 2000

Best Dental Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal

Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic is the best service provider of ultrasonic scaling and polishing inside whole Kathmandu valley, considering the professional team and best rated equipments that are used in the process. You can book this service online through an appointment or register your name by visiting our office to experience the best ultrasonic scaling and polishing dental service inside Kathmandu.

Difference between Scaling and polishing

It is common that many people get confused with the terms scaling and polishing, and consider both to be the same service. But as it has already mentioned above, there is a difference between scaling and polishing. Scaling is process of removing infection causing agents from deep down the gums while polishing is fixing smoothness and colour of teeth to its natural form. So, you should be aware that you can also get the service of polishing, excluding the scaling service in our clinic. To get the service of only polishing your teeth, you should pay a reasonable but affordable price that our clinic charges.