Upper teeth brace cost in Nepal?

Braces on the upper teeth, also known as single arch brace treatment, are types of orthodontic treatment used to correct issues with the alignment and positioning of the teeth. This type of treatment is used to correct problems such as overbite, cross bite, or gaps issues in the upper dental arch. The types of brace used such as metal, ceramic, or clear aligner, and the treatment length will vary depending on the severity of the issues and the dentist’s recommendations.
The dentist will carefully assess your bite and the relationship between the top and bottom teeth, since changing only one set of teeth can affect your bite. So, before putting on a brace ask a question with your dentist, does brace on the upper teeth only will work? or does addressing just the upper teeth can cause overbite to grow larger? Because sometimes addressing single brace treatment leaves you with a worse bite.

Signs that you are a good candidate for getting a brace on the upper teeth only

A good candidate for getting braces on upper teeth only would typically have the following conditions:
1)An individual who has mild crowding or spacing on the top teeth.
2)If they are not properly aligned with the lower teeth, this treatment helps to correct the issue.
3)An overbite where the upper front teeth extend too far over the lower teeth.
4)An individual who is only concerned about getting their front teeth straightened and not worried about fixing their bite.

Things to consider when getting a brace on just the upper teeth only

Your teeth will become weak
Our teeth always work together. It is not possible to move a single row of teeth alone because there is crucial cooperation and functioning between our teeth. If you seek to straighten teeth in one arch at a time then your teeth will become weaker.
Braces on just the upper teeth can make your bite worse
Whenever we move teeth on sole arch, it naturally affects the teeth on the contrary arch. This implies that moving just the upper teeth can’t help you but can make your bite worse. Hence, moving just your top teeth is going to negatively affect your bite.
Affect the balance in the jaw bone
When your teeth do not align properly for a long time, it will affect the balance in the jaw. This can worsen your bite problems which can cause more problems in the jaw.

What is the price of braces for upper teeth only in Nepal?

The cost of braces for upper teeth only can vary depending on several factors such as the types of brace, location, and the length of the treatment. On average, the cost can range from NPR 30,000 to NPR 70,000. However, it is best to schedule a consultation with the dentist to get a proper evaluation and a more accurate price estimation.

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