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 Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal is set for its mission to make people understand the importance of oral health and a confident smile.

Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic, Kathmandu, Nepal has varieties of quality services to provide for the clients at very reasonable and affordable price ranges. To make your busy schedule easy, you can also book an appointment online for yourself to use a specific service on the date and time that you desire.

Oral Screening & Counselling

Examination of overall mouth and constituent parts, discussion about the result obtained from examination and suggestions for the method of taking care of oral health.

Ultrasonic Scaling & Polishing

Removal of hard deposits and plaque caused by bacteria build-ups and eating habits. Polishing for the shine and whiteness of tooth. Removal of bad breath.

Tooth Restoration / Filling

Restoration of damaged tooth by either completely replacing it with a synthetic one or partially by removing damaged portion and filling it with composite materials.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Removal of inflamed or damaged nerves from the tooth in order to save it from the possible further infection.

Pedodontic Treatment

Focused on treating children’s teeth and oral problems along with educating parents to make their children take proper care of dental hygiene.

Denture Care

Services focused on prosthetic devices that are manually made to replace clients lost teeth along with educating people on how to use and take care of them.

Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment of irregular teeth for improving their looks by straightening or rearranging teeth and gums.

Oral Surgical Prodedures

Surgeries for removal of impacted wisdom teeth, implanting a new teeth, maxillofacial surgeries and other oral surgeries.

Dental X-RAY / RVG

Quick method of getting x-ray of your teeth and other important oral structures for the accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our Expert Team

Strength and pride of our Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic are our doctors and professional staffs who are with us since the day one of our opening, following us in our every ups and downs only to provide the best dental care service that everyone deserves.

Dr. Binita Gautam


Dr. Dharti Nepal


Dr. Mukunda Jha

                CONSULTANT ORTHODONTIST                PDCTH,TU

Mr. Jit Bahadur Ghale


Ms. Niruta Magar


Ms. Swastani Acharya


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Divya Smile was started with the motive to fill the quality gap that our country’s dental care facilities lack. With 5+ years of experience in oral health service field, professional doctors and advance equipments, Divya Smile Dental Care Clinic is the best option among thousands of other dental care facilities available for you inside Kathmandu.

Clean Environment

We regularly disinfect and clean our clinic and every equipments that are to be used multiple times are properly sterilised. So, you do not need to worry about getting harmful infection from other person like in other unmanaged clinics.

Best Counseling

We value the health of our customer rather than taking profit out of their situation. We do not prescribe our clients unnecessary medicines and make them go through useless tests that are only costly but of no use. We simply suggest our clients what is best for them and their oral health.

Skilled Professional Team

Our doctors and staffs have been providing their best service for our clients since 5+ years. They are expert on handling the clinical equipments and performing surgeries along with handling every other major and minor dental cases.

Quick Diagnosis & Treatment

Our clinic does not make client wait for hours even for a simple diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors and staffs are always ready to handle any kind of patients that our clinic receives. With such enthusiastic team and advance equipments, your diagnosis and treatment becomes quick and efficient.

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50+ Modern Equipments

5000+ Patients helped so far

5+ Specialists Doctor

5+ Years of Experience

Cilent Review

Dayle Eckert

Restoration (Filling)
This is an awesome clinic to visit. In the past,
I was traumatized by the thought of the dentist because of my experience,
but this dentist and clinic made sure I was comfortable and okay with my tooth restoration and filling.
Great experience and staff. Thanks especially to Dr. Gautam, Thanks to everyone in this office.
Recommended location.

Niraj Khatri

My first impression of the clinic was how modern and clean all of the equipment appeared.
I was able to schedule an appointment within one day to have my tooth extraction.
Dr. Gautam was very careful with her germ protocols which is important in these times.
I was also very impressed with the care she took.